Maxigenes Chewable Milk with Blueberry (150 Chewable Tablets)

Maxigenes Chewable Milk with BlueberryMaxigenes Chewable Milk with Blueberry is produced from 100% high quality real cow's milk with the added benefit of natural blueberries.Maxigenes Chewable Milk with Blueberry helps support the nutritional needs of growing bodies, that need to refuel throughout the day.Made with 100% real cow’s milkNo artificial colours or preservativesAn ideal healthy snack for kidsSuitable for children over 1 year old, pregnant women and adults.DosageChildren 1 year and over take 2–3 chewable tablets per day.Adults, including pregnant women, take 3–5 chewable tablets per day.WarningsThis product should be taken by children who can thoroughly chew and swallow without supervision. For children under 3 years, please crumble before chewing. Do not swallow whole.This products appearance may vary slightly due to using natural blueberry extract.Always read the label. Use only as directed...


Maxigenes Goat Milk Powder (400g)

Maxigenes Goat Milk Powder Maxigenes Goat Milk Powder is a nutritious and healthy alternative to other dairy products for both children and adults. It can be simply made up with thoroughly mixing water in an instant, to provide a fresh & mild tasting full cream milk, without the use of any additives or preservatives.Maxigenes Goat Milk Powder is a great natural source of calcium and vitamin D, which are important for maintaining strong, healthy bones and teeth. Goat milk is gentle on digestion and has a unique composition which may be suitable for those who cannot consume cow's milk products.100% real goat's milkNo preservatives or additivesSource of calcium, vitamin DSuitable for children over 3 years old and adults.DosageDirection to make 1 cupStep 1: Place 1/2 cup of lukewarm water into a clean container. Step 2: Add 1/3 cup (35g) of Maxigenes Goat Milk Powder and stir gently until dissolved. Step 3: Add more water to make 1 cup.StorageStore powder in a cool dry place. Keep reconstituted milk refrigerated between 0-4°C and consume within 7 days...