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Freedom Foods


Freedom Foods Cereal Muesli 500g

Our superfoods mix of quinoa, sorghum and millet have provided the world with energy and fibre for centuries! You can spice up your morning bowl with your favourite muesli mix- ins like honey or yogurt.Free of gluten^, wheat and nuts*Good source of fibreLow in saltSource of proteinNo artificial colours or flavoursFree of dairy, eggs and soy..


Freedom Foods Cereal Ultra Rice Maple Crunch 300g

While your brain might think you’re eating pancakes, your body will be much happier with this maple-y cereal. Full of fibre from psyllium and made from locally sourced sorghum and corn, it’s both nutritious and delicious.What’s not to love?Free from gluten^, wheat and nuts*Source of fibreGoodness of whole grainsNo artificial colours or flavoursDairy, egg and soy free4 Star Health Rating..


Freedom Foods Crafted Blend Clusters 350g

Take the journey with us and let your taste buds discover our delicious new range from our new faciliy in Dandenong, Victoria.Oven baked crunchy clusters (YUM), carefully crafted using a select blend of nutritious almonds and seeds (sooo good for you!) wrapped up using rich flavours, they’re sure to bring joy to your mornings.How we like them – rise and shine to a mouth watering bowl topped with fresh fruit, add it to yoghurt, or savour the crunch when you just feel like a snack.This is just the start of our Crafted Blends Cluster range, we can’t wait to bring you more…..


Freedom Foods Rice Flakes 300g

Eat well today, feel better tomorrow with our Rice Flakes. Unlike many other cereals, they’re enriched with a plant source of fibre called psyllium to get your body moving. The gluten-free flakes are also naturally sweetened with a touch of pure apple juice. Why start your day any other way?There’s almost too much goodness to list:Free from gluten^, what and nuts*Low in salt and fatSource of fibreNo artificial colours, flavours or preservativesNon GMODairy, soy and egg free4 Star Health Rating..