Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Macro Organic Fairtrade Coffee Beans Medium 200g

We believe it's what's inside that counts. That's why macro organic is made from 100% natural ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. Pure and simple, just like the way nature intended.Macro organic coffee is also fair trade and climate neutral. This means the coffee production has no negative impact on the climate. You can be satisfied that for every cup you drink, you are contributing to better working and living conditions for farmers, their families, the local community, and the environment.Macro organic coffee is grown under ideal conditions at high altitude in the Andean mountains of Peru, under a shaded forest canopy in nutrient rich soil. Only the best, ripest coffee cherries are hand picked to provide you with a superior bean that's characterised by a balanced body, medium sweetness, tones of chocolate and vanilla and a delightful, lingering finish.Take home the unique taste of our high-quality, macro organic coffee today and experience satisfaction on so many levels.Climate Neutral Coffee: Greenhouse gas emissions in the coffee supply chain reduced and remainder offset with carbon credits from Fairtrade farmers.Grown at altitude under the shade of the Andean Mountains, hand picked, washed and processed.Our 100% Arabica coffee has a balanced body with vanilla and blossom aroma and a lingering caramel finish.Ingredients100% Organic Fairtrade Climate Neutral Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans from Peru...