Fish oil – The benefits of Omega-3

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Fish oil – Most of us must have brief idea that this is good for us and there are many researches and evidences show various benefits of intake fish oil (omega-3 fatty acid). Two of the most important omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish oil are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).  According to American heart Association (AHA), the recommended serve for individual is at least twice a week especially fatty or coldwater fish. As eating fish is the best source of getting omega-3 acids, however, due to the busy fast-pace lifestyle that we are in, getting balanced nutrition is getting harder and harder. Fish oil supplement is a great choice for people who do not have balanced nutrition and also for those who do not like eating fish.

Here are the well-known factors and benefits for fish oil:


Heart and blood system


According to the American Heart Association (AHA), clinical trials have shown that omega 3 is effective in lower triglycerides levels, and reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Fish oil is a great source of omega 3 and therefore, reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart arrhythmias. It also lowers the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the level of good cholesterol (HDL). Fish oil has also been used for preventing heart disease, as well as for clogged arteries, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, bypass surgery, heart failure, rapid heartbeat, preventing blood clots, and high blood pressure after a heart transplant. Preliminary research has also shown that fish oil can be used to prevent atherosclerosis in coronary patients. Thus, fish oil is effective in preventing strokes and regular usage of fish oil can help avoid sudden cardiac death. As per the American Heart Association, these preliminary findings still need to be confirmed by further detailed research.


Weight loss and muscle function


Fish oil is also known for weight loss, exercise performance and muscle strength, muscle soreness after exercise, pneumonia, cancer, lung disease, seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, and for preventing blood vessels from re-narrowing after surgery to widen them. Research conducted by Professor Peter Howe at the University of South Australia has shown that fish oil improves the efficacy of exercise in attempts to reduce weight.


Reduce inflammation


Another greatest benefits of fish oil is reducing the inflammation in the blood and tissues. With Regular Consumption of fish oil supplements or source from fish, those who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases will find not only relief but a reduction in their inflammation. Effective in treating gastrointestinal disorder, as well as celiac disease arthritis, short bowel dynfrome IBD (inflammatory Bowel Disease), and other disease of intestines, fish oil help those who have trouble absorbing vitamins fats and essential oils, and thus allow them to soak up the oils and reduce their symptoms. The Royal Adelaide Hospital and the University of Newcastle, both of which are located in Australia, have reported that large quantities of fish oil have shown positive effects on the treatment of arthritis.


A lot of the benefit of fish oil seems to come from the omega-3 fatty acids that it contains. Unfortunately, the body does not produce its own omega-3 fatty acids.If you are taking fish oil to reduce any of the symptoms, make sure to consult you doctors first.


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