Bee Propolis – what’s the buzz?

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Bee Propolis – what’s the buzz?


Most people are familiar with the unique colours associated with beeswax and honeycomb.


But, there is one bee-produced substance that often get overlooked – propolis. Propolis is a resinous material described as the ‘immune system of the hive’ as bees use this glue-like substance to patch gaps in the hive to prevent any bacterial or viral infections entering.



Ancient civilisations of the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were aware of its healing properties and used it to treat abscesses, minor wounds and infections. The Egyptians used it to embalm


mummies! While the Europeans have been using it for medicinal purposes for centuries. Today, propolis has multiple uses from killing bacteria, relieving cold & flu symptoms, soothing minor


burns & wounds, and in skin care, propolis contains natural anti-oxidants to enable the skin to remain healthy and beautiful by accelerating the rate of cell growth to treat acne, wrinkles and dry-skin.



There is a growing list of sustainable and natural products derived from bees like pollen, royal jelly and propolis. Propolis is often sold in capsule form, in toothpaste and in skin care products.


While many people can safely use propolis to complement daily health routine, some may experience an allergic reaction. We recommend to test a small amount before using daily or to speak to your Doctor – especially if you have existing




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